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SEO Sidekick Services

for agencies, copywriters, designers & strategists

 SEO add-ons to your service packages

This is for you if …

  • You’re a business coach, digital strategist, copywriter or designer
  • You want to offer SEO services to your clients (but you don’t want to learn all the tactics yourself)
  • You already have a team in place to work on strategy & implementation (or your client has a budget to hire my team)
  • You need someone to provide the data collection & brief assessment, either just to you or directly to your client


Jaime Hanson, jaimehanson.comUntil I started working with Meg, I’d never thought of SEO and keyword research as such a creative artform.

Meg approaches SEO based in how people perceive and receive information; she also has a firm understanding of data & keyword tools to add value to my editorial calendar planning. She truly understands how to structure content for the way people read online, and can seamlessly integrate SEO best practices into her strategy.

Jaime Hanson

Copywriter and Content Marketing Strategist, Jaime Hanson Communication

I was astounded at how Meg was able to look quickly at charts that just look like numbers to me, figure out trends with the traffic to my site, and explain it to me in a way that made sense.

Meg gave me tons of actionable advice that I was able to implement right away to see results … and she also helped me understand WHY I should set up my site a certain way to drive more conversions. I can’t recommend her enough!

Chris Emmer

Brand Designer & Instagram Strategist, Sweaty Wisdom

If you already have a process in place for your services & want to bring more value to your clients … count me in.

Here are some ways I can help:

Your client has lots of content, but doesn't know what's valuable

I’ll review your client’s existing traffic patterns — how much of their traffic comes from Google, social, referrals, etc? What are the most popular landing pages? Which keywords are ranking but not converting? What are their most valuable search terms? — and provide a thoughtful overview of what’s working well, and where to focus energy to improve.

Deliverables include:

  • Content audit and existing page rank analysis
  • Detailed tasks to optimize existing content to align with valuable keywords
  • Recommendations of new keywords to target

Starting at $1000

You want to research & include valuable keywords in your editorial strategy

Your client has an important message to deliver … but they also want to get found for that message, instead of screaming into the ether. 

Together we’ll brainstorm content categories (seed keywords), then I’ll dig into the databases to find high-volume, low-competition terms that would be a good fit for your client.


  • Overview of 30-50 potential keywords, with 10 top priority options to include in your content strategy – $500
  • Assistance with incorporating said keywords into an existing editorial calendar (finding ways to incorporate the keyword into the title) – $250 for 8 posts
Your client wants to increase referral traffic from other websites

Your client has participated in collaborative opportunities, including guest posting, podcast interviews, and joint venture webinars. You’d like to show the value of those links as a way to increase your client’s authority & thought leadership.

You’re also curious about new collaboration opportunities (especially those being utilized by other businesses in the same industry).


  • Report of all inbound backlinks to your client’s site, including the authority & toxicity metrics for the linking domains – $250
  • Similar report for your client’s top 4 competitors, with analysis of great new collaboration opportunities to pursue – $350
You'd like to learn about your client's industry's best practices

Your client will provide a list of 3-4 successful businesses in their industry. I’ll compare that against Google’s top overlapping search terms to come up with a list of 5-8 competitors. 

Then I’ll run keyword + backlink audits for those competitors, so we can review where their traffic is coming from, discover potential collaboration opportunities, and explore gaps in keywords that have been overlooked by these other businesses


  • Content audit + backlink audit for 5-8 of your client’s top competitors

Starting at $600

Your client wants ongoing updates about traffic + site performance

Once you write & build the site, you want to prove to the client that it’s performing better than before they hired you! But in the midst of all the technical updates, who wants to set up the Analytics & tracking tools?

Hint: She has two thumbs & wears a cape.

Google Analytics

  • Goal tracking and benchmarking one-time set-up fee – $500 (waived with certain SEO packages of $700+)
  • Monthly Google Analytcs traffic & conversions analysis – Starting at $97/mo

Keyword tracking

  • Monthly reporting of any major changes to traffic patterns, including: changes in keyword positions, keywords gained & lost, increase in traffic from specific sources (including social), most popular content, etc.
  • 3-5 detailed strategy suggestions that can make a difference in site performance within a month
  • Starting at $150/mo

A la carte reports come with video walk-throughs and one week of email Q&A.
They do not include any de-briefing calls or live coaching.

Discounts available for service providers (copywriters, designers, strategists) who need SEO support for multiple clients. Inquire for details.


Want to talk about working together?

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Let’s talk about ways that I can make you look amazing and help your clients get incredible results.