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Your Digital Superhero

(and her alter ego)

Meet Meg

mild mannered digital design specialist with a secret strategy to ignite your business.


Just like Superman’s start in Kansas, I also come from humble beginnings: working in marketing & communications departments for non-profits and small businesses. And I just kept seeing the same problem: professionals paying way too much for marketing materials that felt boring & didn’t sell.

So I wrote grant requests for classes & trainings to learn to design for my employers, and I started providing freelance web design for professionals who didn’t have time to DIY. And I started to build a reputation with law firms, medical & healthcare leaders, and architecture & building professionals who wanted somebody who understood how to tell their story in a way that brings in new clients & builds their businesses.

Eventually I left my employers to found Casebolt Creative, which evolved into Megabolt Digital.

My superpower: helping professionals build their business with ease

My secret weapon: Cracking the code you don’t want to learn, pulling together the right tools and creating marketing materials that not only look good, but work beautifully to pull in new clients.


  • You’re a passionate professional. You love what you do. You’re great at what you do. You’re not crazy about marketing what you do.
  • You could DIY it (maybe you’ve even tried), but you don’t really have time to learn code and get your website and marketing materials looking as professional as you are.
  • You have clients to serve, and tweaking your website, designing blog images, & laying out newsletters keeps sliding to the bottom of the pile.
  • The following phrases–“Sales funnel,” “content marketing strategy,” “branding consistency”–either sound like Greek or make you break into a sweat.
  • You wish you had a dedicated designer/marketing person, but you just don’t have the budget or need to bring someone on full-time.


I geek out on how to make digital marketing simpler with tools and design focused on your needs.Those branding and marketing terms that are Kryptonite to you fuel my superpowers.

Website not working as you’d like? We can rebuild it; we have the technology. And you you don’t have to worry about the mechanics or how to make it look stunning. You worry about what you do best, and I’ll create the digital domain of your dreams.

You may be a lawyer, dentist, therapist, teacher, consultant, but I can make you look like the superhero you are to your clients.


I’m sure it comes as no surprise after reading this that I’m also the mom to a very enthusiastic superhero fan, my sweet 2.5 year old son Sam (His alias is #sambolt). I was already a nerd before he came along, but our nightly discussions about his Batman pajamas and our morning routine of watching Spiderman firetruck videos on YouTube has brought my nerdiness to a whole new level.

other things we geek out about …


The West Wing

I walked down the aisle to the West Wing theme song, and all our animals have been named after characters.



As Ron Swanson says, “There has never been a sadness that can’t be cured by breakfast food.”


Our dogs (pit bull mixes)

They’re affectionate & loyal as hell, and are wonderful family dogs. Plus they don’t shed or drool. What’s not to love?


The Green Bay Packers

My husband Ben is from Wisconsin, and owns stock in the team.

Fire Up the Bat Signal

If you’ve been wishing somebody could swoop in and save you from website and digital marketing drama, let’s talk about how I can put my superpowers to work for you.