Strategic SEO? Done.

Websites that convert? Sorted.

Superhero gear? Got ya covered.


Meet your singing SEO strategist & Google Ads consultant.
I help women-owned businesses show up in search results, get more leads & sell more products with intentional, strategic content (without breaking a sweat).


Every superhero needs a guide. Here’s yours.

FINALLY! A guide that makes Search Engine Optimization easy….and actually *gasp* FUN!

Get your FREE guide full of fun tips (and flow charts, mad libs, and references to The Office) to get found on Google … without needing a degree in nerdspeak.

The woman behind the superhero mask

Hi, I’m Meg! Consider me the Wonder Woman to your website woes and the Supergirl to your SEO strategy stress.

It’s my mission to make it easy for female entrepreneurs to succeed by equipping them with beautiful websites and powerful SEO strategies that fit them better than Catwoman’s suit (and way more comfortably, too).

Because the truth is… I’m not the real superhero here. YOU are.

I see you hustling hard to build a business that does your vision justice. But you’re struggling with the details. The fiddly, frustrating technical bits like …

How do you get your dream customers onto your site … withoutconstant hustling, cloning yourself to work 24/7 x 2 or investing your life savings in advertising?

And how do you stand out when everybody else seems to be yelling louder than you?

My friend, it’s time to call in the back up.

“Yes, I’m ready! I need …”

Done-for-you SEO

I’m a successful business owner who wants a specialist to make my website show up in search (’cause I’m too busy running a kickass business)

SEO teamwork

I’m a designer / copywriter / strategist looking for a search-savvy team member (so I don’t have to learn all that SEO craziness)

Free SEO training

I’m new to SEO & want to learn how to get my website found on Google (without endless jargon or conflicting advice)