Being a Hero is hard work.

Growing Your Online Presence doesn’t have to be.

Superhero movies are fun and all (just ask my Spiderman-crazed 3-year-old) … but my favorite heroes aren’t the ones you’ll find on the silver screen. The heroes I care most about are my clients. They’re the small business owners who swapped colorful capes and flashy superpowers for hard work and an unflinching commitment to changing their corner of the world — in small but important ways, every single day.

👉🏻 They’re the attorneys who help people through difficult situations like divorce or criminal charges.

👉🏻 They’re the educators who help schools plan ahead and respond proactively to crisis situations.

👉🏻 They’re the finance coaches who help their clients build a safety net and find financial freedom.

👉🏻 They’re the brick & mortar yarn shop owners that bring their community together in the name of creativity.

⭐️ They’re you: the passionate professional, hell-bent on doing on great work and sharing your expertise with the people who need what you’ve got.⭐️

But, like every great hero … you have a nemesis:

Navigating murky digital waters and expanding your business online is no small feat. With your feet firmly planted in the real world, you have an aversion to marketing jargon and a deep distaste for gross tactics that feel misaligned with how you want to show up in business … and in life.

You’re ready to spread your message in a big way, which means you need a digital homebase worthy of attention and visuals that capture the essence of what you do, paired with a strategy for getting more of the right eyes on your work.

And there’s a truth that you’re finally ready to admit …

Even heroes need to be rescued sometimes.

(If we were in a movie, this would be the part where I swoop in dramatically and punch a villain in the face. You’re welcome.)

I’m Meg.

Consider me the Wonder Woman to your website woes and the Supergirl to your SEO strategy stress.

How do I save the day? Through beautifully crafted websites and SEO strategy — the kind that will help you get found by the people who need you, and pull them into your universe in a way that they can’t resist.

(And don’t want to resist. Because you’re amazing and they just realized it and—ooh, roll credits, happily ever after.)

Curious how I came to don my Wonder Woman armor? Sounds like it’s time for …

— dramatic transition music —

My Origin Story

Growing up in my household meant two things:

 Learning never stopped. My mom spent her career as a teacher and a social worker, so I was raised to be an eternal learner that is very considerate of other people’s feelings. My mom also taught me to how to explain complex concepts in really simple terms, which is a skill that I treasure to this day.

 You were expected it fix it yourself. Everyone else in my family (including my dad, grandpa, brother and even, today, my husband) is an engineer. I spent a lot of time watching my dad successfully disassemble gadgets (and laughing while my brother struggled to do the same).

Which means an attitude of “we can fix this complex situation ourselves” is ingrained in my psyche, and a love and respect for technology runs in my blood.

It was almost inevitable that I’d grow up to tackle—with a twinkle in my eyes—the Big Bad of the marketing and digital world, don’tcha think?

Which brings me to the cultivation of my own unique superpower:

I’m more technical and data-driven that a lot of designers, and more people-focused than a lot of SEO consultants.

You know how every now and then a superhero gets into sh*t that’s a little outside of their expertise … and they have to call on their friends-with-superpowers to act as back-up?

I’m the back-up. (Feel free to picture my cape billowing majestically in the wind behind me.)

I’m the no b.s. sidekick that makes it super easy for your dream customers to find – and adore! – you online.

So say hello to …

Effortless web traffic. Consistent customers. Soaring profit. And SO much more free time (and sanity)!

Getting all tingly and excited?

My Approach to Website Design & SEO Strategy

I don’t believe in quick-fix formulas that promise the world but deliver the apocalypse when you realize they don’t work.

I believe in cultivating genuine relationships and honoring them with beautiful web design that serves a purpose and strategic content that adds value.

So while you’re out there saving your corner of the world, it’s my mission to make it easier for female entrepreneurs like you to succeed.

Because a lot of women business owners unintentionally limit their own success. We think small. We don’t want to annoy anybody or disrupt the conversation by self-promoting … even if what we’re offering can genuinely help them.

Sound familiar?

We want people to find our products or services on their own, then fall in love with us … but that’s like asking a damsel in distress to sort out her own rescue.

People need solutions at their fingertips and your business in front of their eyeballs.

But it’s hard for us to take pride in our work and tell others about it … especially if technology can make promotion feel extra tricky and a little icky.

Which is why I’m here.

So … want to see how we can work together to save your success?

So … want to see how we can work together to save your success?

Fly on over here:

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