So whether people are telling you that they’re finding you on Google or you just see your organic search traffic start to rise, there’s a good (and free!) place to discover what search terms they’re looking for when your name pops up: Google Search Console.

How to Install Google Search Console

“I found you on Google” is one of the most satisfying sentences for a business owner, because it means not only that somebody was looking for what you’re offering, but also that Google understands that you’re a great fit for that topic and shared a link to your site with that searcher. We also need … Read more

A love letter to Dubsado: my automation obsession

Dear Dubsado, When my friend Sara told me about your impressive performance as her new onboarding solution, I was skeptical. But you have blown me away with your amazing functionality for a really amazing price, so I wanted to take this Valentine’s Day to share some public love & appreciation. I’ve always been fixated with trying … Read more