Quick Guide to Website Traffic Sources

Entrepreneurs often reach out to me because they want to use SEO to increase traffic to their website. But in addition to organic search traffic (which is what SEO works to improve), there are other ways to get new visitors to your site. There are four main inbound types of traffic sources to a website: … Read more

If you're wondering, “WTF is SEO? And how can it help my business?” I'll break it down for you in normal language, using GIFs instead of jargon.

WTF is SEO? How can it help my business?

No matter how long you’ve been in business, at some point you’ve probably found yourself wondering: “WTF is SEO? And how can it help my business?” Mostly because people who talk about SEO seem like they’re TRYING to be confusing, don’t they? It even confuses some of the smartest people I know: So I’ll break … Read more

Elevate your posts: a comprehensive SEO checklist

You could be writing the most amazing content on the internet (and I hope you are), but unless Google can easily understand what you’re talking about, it won’t display your blog posts in searches — even if you’re asking the exact question that the search is asking! So here’s an SEO checklist framework for structuring your … Read more

SEO is a relationship, not a formula

There are a lot of experts out there who will tell you that SEO is a formula that can be followed to successfully improve your page rank. They make big promises, like if you follow their 18-step blueprint checklist guidebook, you’ll be on the first page in a week. That kind of talk is bullshit. … Read more

Tough Love Letter to a Treasured Client

I recently wrote this email to a client who was getting stuck in decision paralysis & needed a kick in the pants, care of what I call a “tough love letter.” I’ve removed all the details of her particular situation, but wanted to share the sentiment with you in case you need a similar loving … Read more