A refreshingly different blogging and SEO gameplan for superhero entrepreneurs who want to get found online by their ideal clients…

… without being tacky, sleazy, or getting lost in technology-hell (totally a real place, by the way).

It’s noisy out there:


This many pieces of content are created online — every 24 hours.


The number of new blogs that hit the internet every. single. day. (And that’s just on WordPress alone.)

500 +

How many new websites are published… every minute.That’s about 720,000 per day.

Here’s what you already know:

If you want to expand your reach, build your platform and grow a steady, thriving client-base… it’s time to step up your blogging and SEO game.

But it’s a catch-22: getting found online is harder and more competitive than ever before.

Putting together a great-looking website, hitting “publish” on a couple of articles and waiting for the clients to roll in is a one-way ticket to The Land of Disappointment (it’s like a depressing version of Disneyland, and the lines are twice as long).

So… how do you do it right to ensure that you stand out amongst the noise? And, more importantly — where are you going to find the time (and the know-how) to craft a plan to make sure you get found by the people who need you?

After all, this whole “get-found-online” fuss is just one of the 743 things on your to-do list today.

And although you’ve heard about SEO (make that item #744), you haven’t really been able to sit down and make sure you’re doing everything you can to make sure your business gets found online by the people who need what you’ve got and are willing to pay for it.

And anyway… you’d rather leave the “techy stuff” to the computer nerds… especially when there are so many other things you could be focusing on right now.

Shiny things. Exciting things. Things like Facebook ads, webinars, courses, beautifying your Instagram feed and maybe getting around to writing that book… one day. Oh, and one more slightly significant thing: doing the work with the clients you’ve already got.

Yep. Who else needs a nap?

But here’s what you may not know:

Despite all the chatter about “content shock” and “nobody reads online anymore” and “SEO is dead” … your ideal clients are out there searching for you right now.

Every minute, 4 million people open up a new tab and try to Google their way out of a problem.

And the businesses that invest in creating content that answers those people’s questions are the ones that get found and win.

(And, truthfully, good SEO is about more than just getting found — it’s also about creating content that showcases you as the person who is uniquely equipped to solve your ideal client’s problems… positioning you as the obvious choice. More on that soon.)

“But Meg, SEO is booooring and very confusing, and I really don’t have the time or know where to start,” you say…

… and I hear you. But also, I have opinions and hard-won insights about this. So hear me out for a sec:

As the web design Wonder Woman behind Megabolt Digital, I’ve seen my share of smart and savvy business owners who invested a lot of time (and money) into their website with frustratingly little to show for it.

They had a great site. A gorgeous brand. A superhero service offering. But no one was finding them.

And worse yet? When they were getting found, those ideal clients were bouncing right back into the depths of the internet because their website didn’t position them as the answer to their clients’ problems.

I began to see a pattern: here were these entrepreneurs who built a business all around relationships and impeccable service. They were succeeding in business because they cared and did great work.

But, when it came to creating an online presence that helped them get found by the people who needed them and dazzle them when they did? They were coming up short.

There was a mismatch between how they built their business — people first — and the things they thought they needed to do to make SEO and blogging work for them.

There’s a misconception that SEO is all about “gaming the system” and stuffing keywords into every page of your website. It sounds techy, time-consuming and full of questionable tactics… but the reality couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Because, when done right…

SEO isn’t about formulas. It’s about relationships.

Yep. Relationships. You know, the thing that you use to build your business and look after your clients every single day? The reason for your success up until now?

That’s exactly how we’re going to help you grow your traffic, get those much-needed eyes on your important work, and magnetize your ideal clients when they find you.

I’ve got geeky-goosebumps just thinking about it.

Solid SEO and client-attracting content
come down to building 3 key relationships:


Your relationship with search engines

Google takes over 200 factors into account when it decides how to rank your website and your content. There is so much more to getting found online than just choosing (and using) the right keywords. And the best news? You don’t have to speak robot to start building some serious Google street cred.

Your relationship with other websites

The best relationships are built on trust, and Google agrees. When search engines see that your website and content is being linked to by other relevant, credible websites (in essence, when you’ve got sweet backlinks)… cool stuff begins to happen. Google gives you a fist-bump when it sees that you’ve got solid relationships with legit, high quality sources — which means you’ve seriously boosted your odds of getting found.

Your relationship with your clients

Good rankings are only half the deal: the real magic happens when you start aligning your content and keywords with topics that your ideal clients actually care about. This is your opportunity to share your message and unique perspective with people who are dying to hear what you have to say (no skeeze, sleaze or douchey tactics required).

Why does this matter?

Because you DON’T need to get found by everyone online to see a measurable change in your biz – and you shouldn’t want to.

Cultivating the right relationships will help you get found online by the right people (or to be real “captain obvious” about it, I mean the ideal clients who are dying to work with someone like you) …

…. And help them see why you’re the expert they need.

… and that’s why these 3 crucial relationships are the foundation of GenerouSEO:

GenerouSEO is a 1:1 service adventure for superhero entrepreneurs who want a gameplan for optimizing their website and crafting epic content, so they can get found by the people that matter most.*

*And make them fall truly, madly, deeply in love with you

Your investment in GenerouSEO is $2,700

or $1,000/mo for 3 months

Or, keep on reading to find out exactly how I’ll rescue you from the clutches of SEO supervillains, keyword catastrophes and website gremlins.

Because you were made for so much more than being a damsel in distress.

Book your call with me now via the button above.

GenerouSEO is for when you want to:



Get found by the people who need you (and are willing and able to pay for your expertise)


Make sure that, when people DO find you, your content helps position you as the superhero they need to hire (like, yesterday).


Optimize your website for more traffic, higher engagement and more sales


Be confident that your website is attracting and converting the right kind of people (instead of bringing people in, only for them to bounce back off in 24 milliseconds… or less).


Develop a strategy for creating consistent, high-value content that sounds like something you’d actually say


AND ... you’re ready to let an expert (that’s me) figure out the “techy stuff and boring research” for you... and tell you exactly what to do (and how to make it happen)

wondering what GenerouSEO will do for you?

Step into my time machine and take a peep at future YOU,
after our work together…

  • You’re calm, relaxed and confident – because your “get found online” game is hella strategic and under control. And the best part? You’re not being a douche about it. You’re just building relationships and connecting with people online, like you do best.
  • Whoa – look at your calendar. Your website is giving you some SERIOUS SEO-lovin’… which means your ideal clients are finding you… and man, do they like what they see.
  • You can’t remember the last time you worried about hustling for clients. They’re coming to you, every single day, begging you for your services. Because they KNOW how awesome you are.

Your investment in GenerouSEO is $2,700

or $1,000/mo for 3 months

Book your call with me now via the button above to decide if we’re a good fit.

GenerouSEO was made for you if you see yourself in any of the following:

You’re not even sure if your website is optimized for SEO and you don’t know how to tell or what to measure.

You have a beautiful website, solid content, a great service offering - but no bites. What’s up with that?!

You’ve been avoiding creating a SEO plan (I like to call it a “get found online” plan) because it all sounds like too much work… especially with no guarantee that it’ll work for your business.

You want to create content that positions you uniquely in your industry and helps your ideal clients see why they should choose you… but you don’t know how to create a strategy to make it happen.

You’ve dabbled in keyword research in the past, but you’d rather take a hit from Thor’s hammer than spend another second inside Google Keyword Planner (blech!)

You know you need to pay attention to SEO but you have no idea how to go about it. Meta tags, keywords… it might as well be Greek to you.

You’ve tried to write SEO-optimized posts before and it sounded robotic. You feel like you’re writing about boring, done-to-death topics in a way that sounds like everyone else.

You’re not sure what kind of topics your audience is looking for. How do you know what to write for them if you don’t know what they need?

You don’t have the time or desire to dig around in analytics. You just want someone to help you figure out what’s not working, what is, and create a plan that you can easily follow and adjust as you move forward.

ready to get started? here’s what happens next:

  1. Click this exciting button to fill in a quickie questionnaire about yourself and book in your free call with me to see if GenerouSEO is perfect for you.
  2. On our call, we’ll chat about exactly what you need and whether I’m the right person to help rescue you.
  3. If we’re a match made in heaven, you’ll pay your deposit, then we’ll put on our capes and get to work.

Here’s exactly how we’ll craft your GenerouSEO gameplan

Step 1. We chat on the phone.

It’s like two friends catching up, but one friend is asking really cool and valuable questions about your business, dream customers and goals.

Step 2. You complete a branding questionnaire.

 Which is like a personality quiz for your brand. Fun, right? I’ll get to know what it is that makes you different, understand your superpowers, and start creating a plan for how we’ll help you showcase that online.

Step 3. I start the stalking (I mean, er, professional research...)

This is where I get to dive into competitive research and conduct an SEO audit of your business. Don’t let the word ‘audit’ scare you. It’s more like a loving review of your visual branding, key messaging and popular content as well as what keywords you’re currently ranking. I go into the same depth for your competitors too.

Step 4. Then we’ll chat again.

Not just for extra fun. On this check-in call, I’ll share my insights with you so far, and we’ll really hone in on where you see yourself in your industry and what you want to be known for. It also ensures I’m customizing an SEO strategy that will fits for your business like a black widow onesie… erm… but way more comfortable!

Step 5. All hail the keywords.

I’ll prepare a report that details the keywords you’re currently ranking for plus 20 relevant keywords we can pursue through your blogs and content, and then make suggestions for your primary pages and ten of your existing blog posts. I’ll even give you a video tutorial to walk you through making those changes yourself. Teach a woman to fish, they say …

Step 6. Lemme get my hands dirty.

I’ll spend two hours making some technical (read: full-on nerd alert) SEO changes to your site to bring your digital presence up to prime like-bees-to-the-honey speed. I’ll be working on the elements that we decide will be the best use of my time, like one-time changes that dramatically improve your website’s performance and how your ideal clients interact with it… leaving you can do what you do best: save the damn world and look GREAT while you do it.

Step 7. More fishing! I mean... training.

Over two 30-minute screenshare calls, I’ll train you (or your VA) on how to optimize your blog posts & new pages. From now on, you’ll be completely confident that everything you’re writing from here on our is dialed in and fine-tuned to attract your MIPS (most important peeps, which is an acronym I definitely just made up) and make them fall in love with you. And then we’ll give each a virtual toast, ‘cause you’re a superhero.

Step 8. We check in for benchmark status reports.

You didn’t think I’d leave you all by your lonesome, did you?  Instead, we’ll check in to see the new search terms people are using to find you, plus get an update on how your keyword rankings have shifted. We’ll also set some analytics goals and KPI’s (aka, ways you’ll measure the results of our work together) and I’ll make some suggestions to ensure your website continues improving.

TL;DR: GenerouSEO is for serious entrepreneurs who are ready to get seriously strategic about HOW they get found online by their ideal clients…

WITHOUT having to worry about things like keyword research, techy website stuff and wondering whether they’re writing content for the right people…

Because I’m here to figure ALL of that out for you. Sound heroic? Thought so.

Your investment in GenerouSEO is $2,700

or $1,000/mo for 3 months

 Ready to suit up? Let’s do this: