Keyword Bootcamp

A half day small group keyword bootcamp & SEO coaching workshop for superhero entrepreneurs to get found by dream clients

You know you should do SEO for your website, but you don’t know where to start.

You’re not sure which keywords you rank for, or how much of your traffic comes from search engines.

You’ve thought about buying an SEO course, but you’re afraid it will be technical & dry.

And you need some accountability & coaching to get your SEO plan started … and start getting found on Google!

Picture this: a 2-hour live training that covers …

  • Understanding user search intent
  • Gathering & analyzing your current keyword data
  • Discovering concrete action steps to align your copy with people’s search terms
  • Researching new powerful keywords to use in future content marketing

What’s the workshop look like?

  1. Our small group (5-8 people) will get to know a bit about each other’s business goals & marketing strategies, and talk strategy about what you want to be known for on Google.
  2. We’ll talk about search psychology, and brainstorm keywords that would be great for your audience
  3. I’ll show you how gather your current keyword data
  4. We’ll expand & assess your brainstorm list, using various keyword research tools
  5. I’ll help you analyze and assign your keywords to build out your content strategy

Save your spot for only $247

Class will run with a minimum of 5 participants, and max out at 8