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This is for you if …

  • You’re a business coach, digital strategist, copywriter or designer
  • You want to offer SEO services to your clients (but you don’t want to learn all the tactics yourself)
  • You already have a team in place to work on strategy & implementation (or your client has a budget to hire my team)
  • You need someone to provide the data collection & brief assessment, either just to you or directly to your client


Jaime Hanson, jaimehanson.comUntil I started working with Meg, I’d never thought of SEO and keyword research as such a creative artform.

Meg approaches SEO based in how people perceive and receive information; she also has a firm understanding of data & keyword tools to add value to my editorial calendar planning. She truly understands how to structure content for the way people read online, and can seamlessly integrate SEO best practices into her strategy.

Jaime Hanson

Copywriter and Content Marketing Strategist, Jaime Hanson Communication

I was astounded at how Meg was able to look quickly at charts that just look like numbers to me, figure out trends with the traffic to my site, and explain it to me in a way that made sense.

Meg gave me tons of actionable advice that I was able to implement right away to see results … and she also helped me understand WHY I should set up my site a certain way to drive more conversions. I can’t recommend her enough!

Chris Emmer

Brand Designer & Instagram Strategist, Sweaty Wisdom

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