SEO services

SEO Services

for small businesses needing direct support

Flash Review & Discovery Call

This is for you if …

  • You want to make sure your site could benefit from SEO before you invest in it?
  • You’re not sure where your website stands or how SEO could be helpful
  • You want a few concrete examples of what you can easily do to make your site more attractive to Google
  • You want to dip your toe into working together to get a sense of what value I can provide for you before you invest

This 30-minute video + 15-minute call currently costs $197.

Keyword Bootcamp

Half-Day Live Keyword Research Training

A 4-hour live training that reviews:

  • Your highest ranking keywords
  • Which keywords are driving the most traffic to your site
  • A list of high keywords that you rank for but don’t see much traffic
  • Concrete action steps to align your copy with people’s search terms
  • 10-15 new powerful keywords to use in future content marketing

Training will equip you with the basics you need to understand:

  • How to set up your content to rank for more keywords
  • How to optimize pages & posts in WordPress or Squarespace
  • How to find future keywords for your content

This 4-hour training costs $697 for a 1:1 training or $247 for small group training (4-8 participants).

GenerouSEO: 3-month personalized service adventure

This is for you if …

  • You have a successful business and your site is turning readers into client
  • You wish you didn’t have to work as hard at promotion to get people to find you
  • You need a CEO-level understanding of your metrics
  • You want actionable steps you can take every month to see real, measurable results
  • You (or a team member) have 1-2 hours/week to execute recommendations (or you have a budget to hire a member of my team!)

This 3-month strategy + coaching package currently costs $1,000/mo for 3 months or $2,700. Learn more

SEO Services

for agencies & service providers

SEO Sidekick:

SEO add-ons to your service packages

This is for you if …

  • You’re a business coach, digital strategist, copywriter or designer
  • You want to offer SEO services to your clients (but you don’t want to learn all the tactics yourself)
  • You already have a team in place to work on strategy & implementation (or your client has a budget to hire my team)
  • You need someone to provide the data collection & brief assessment, either just to you or directly to your client

SEO Support services start at $250 for specific reports or $97/mo for ongoing data collection.

Not ready for a big investment yet?

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