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Want to get started with SEO on your website, but don’t know where to start? Check our your options …

Good SEO is about more than just getting seen in Google.

… it’s also about creating content that showcases you as the person who is uniquely equipped to solve your ideal client’s problems… positioning you as the obvious choice.

Showing up in search will help you expand your reach, build your platform and grow a steady, thriving client-base … but getting found online is harder and more competitive than ever before.

Being mediocre isn’t good enough. To stand out, you need to have a smarter plan than your competition.

Attract & Activate isn’t a boring pre-recorded course full of dry, tech-y tutorials, or a self-paced course with a week-long wait for a reply to your inevitable questions.

Instead, you’ll get live weekly trainings, to take you through a proven SEO-driven content planning system. Within a month, you’ll have a foolproof 90-day writing plan.

And you won’t be going it alone, either. Attract & Activate takes place in a community of savvy women entrepreneurs, who brainstorm together, share resources with each other, and hold each other accountable.

The doors open for the next group in August 2019.

SEO Workbook: Make Your Blogs Magnetic to Customers

It’s tough to get all the right words in the right places to get your website found on Google.

So in this workbook, I’m breaking my down my 7-step process to simplify your planning & write search-friendly blog posts: you’ll know what to talk about, how to write it, and where to promote it so that your website will get more traffic from Google (and, if you follow steps 1-3 correctly: more sales).

(Superhero hint: you’ll probably actually write fewer blog posts that are higher quality. I’m giving you permission to do less, better.) 

Free Video Courses

Want to get a jump start on your SEO but don’t have a budget for 1:1 or group trainings?

Get started with these FREE video courses!

SEO Essentials
for local businesses

Whether you run a brick & mortar storefront or meet your clients at their location … you want to be found by people in your community.

This 3-day training will explain the basics of how SEO works, why you should use it to get more clients, and how to get started… in less than 15 minutes a day!

What Keywords
are you ranking for?

If you know you have search traffic but you don’t actually know what phrases people are using to find you, this is for you!

Learn to use Google’s free Search Console tool to find the keywords your site is ranking for.

How’s your social doin’?
Intro to Google Analytics

All that time you’re spending on social media — giving value in Facebook groups, looping images on Pinterest, or adding a #linkinprofile on Instagram — is  it ACTUALLY directing traffic to your website?

This training will show up which social platforms are sending the most traffic to your website and which social media is working best for each type of content.

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